Art Photography




Jeff DuPonte


Some people have wondered how the images could be real since I state that I do not create them in Photoshop.
 Below are examples to help see how they came to be.

The original scene for "Carnival of Gloom."

Above: As the image was taken (upside down) *The final image below.

Below is the original scene of "CONCRETE LIGHTNING"
 as featured
in "National Geographic".


 The mushroom image below was created by laying on the  bricks about two feet
                   from the left side of the mushroom store front image.
I then waited for a stranger to walk by  behind me

The image below was shot this morning after the rain. It is a reflection in a puddle shot upside down. The tornado/invader funnel (lower left) was actually a rock that I threw up in the air with my left hand and you are seeing the moment of impact into the water (upside down) JD 11/21/16
Below: Here you see the original scene with the rock splashing into the puddle
A more fully-realized version below.

The images below were created using only "in camera movement" and available lighting.
This is not a Photoshop creation.

 These were Halloween masks hanging on a store shelf.
The movement brought it to life!

The image of the little girl was from a toy box in a Halloween store.
The extreme camera movement and available lighting created this other-worldy effect.

The reflection image of the eel below was taken at the Worldwildlife Zoo Aquarium.
There was a class going on and the students were listening to the instructor.
 They were unaware that I was focusing on them!

*That's why no one was looking at me. They had no idea I wasn't focusing on the eels.

Above is the original scene. Below is the resultant image. All done "in-camera".