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Photography first came into my life in College where I completed my
Bachelors Degree in Art and Photography at East Tennessee State University.
I started my photographic career by learning Ophthalmic Photography which
supported me and my family for many years. During this time, my penchant
for the Fine Arts was put on hold.

In 2007, my whole life came to a halt. My eighteen year-old daughter Desiree died,
and life as I knew it ceased to exist. A search for a new purpose brought Photography
 back into my life and gave art a rebirth. Purchasing a new digital camera, I learned
and started once again to look at the world through art. Photography came into focus
 and became my escape. I’m proud to say I have been published multiple times by
National Geographic and am always trying to make unique connections with people,
animals, and nature. I work hard to show the beauty in the unusual and ugly.
I try to help others see what they might have heretofore overlooked.
Art is my life.

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